Title : Éloge de la lenteur    2008   Embroidery on cotton - 18 x 20 centimeters     This piece experiments with snail shells and beads. There is a parallel between the slow movement of snails and handmade work. One stitch at a time, in the end, great distances is covered.     Photographic credit : Jacques Hudon Title : La moisson du monde    2008   Embroidery on a bag of jute - 33 x 28 x 13 centimeters     Embroidery full of contrast: colorful and precious beads on a rice bag made of jute, a very cheap fabric. Large food chains are getting wealthy while field workers are still the poorest of the lot and considered cheap labour.     Photographic credit : Jacques Hudon Title : Les œufs de mouton    2008   Textile whims - 35 x 25 x 10 centimeters    This is a fun way to recycle every bits and pieces of thread as a starting point for embroidery. Every thread is precious and useful, and I want to use it all.      Photographic credit : Jacques Hudon Details
Title : Icône danoise     2010    Assemblage - 25 x 6 centimeters     I would rather speak of assemblage rather than embroidery. But the gestures and steps are similar: I am sewing on paper and the materials are the same: beads, feathers, diverse elements and beautiful threads.     Photographic credit: Yves Tessier Title : Le doute et l’inquiétude    2010   Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 29.5 x 9 centimeters     This piece was inspired by my youngest sister who was working with refugees in a war zone. Doubts and worries shared by all of us: the refugees themselves, the people who were helping and those who prayed for the end of the conflict.     Photographic credit : Yves Tessier Details Title : Labyrinthe III    2010   Embroidery on cloth - 20 x 20 centimeters     The main thread of this labyrinth is the “queue de rat”, which is a shining silk cord matching beautifully with the beads and the mother-of-pearl.     Photographic credit : Yves Tessier
Title : Sri Lanka    2011   Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 31 x 11 centimeters     Peacock feathers, jewelry, and certain colors: those are souvenirs of a journey which is unique to the traveler himself.     Photographic credit : Yves Tessier Details Title:  What it takes to do our nest    2013, embroidery on linen  - 15 x 16 centimeters    A study of colors and forms with lace tatting as the main focus.     Photographic credit: Denis Larocque Detail
Title:  The owl’s nest    2013, embroidery on linen - 17 x 16 centimeters    The color is given by the various elements and the porcupine quills. The owl, like an old wise man, keeps his distance from the melee.      Photographic credit: Denis Larocque Detail Titre:  The bird’s nest    2013, embroidery on linen - 18 x 18 centimeters    The final embroidery, in the series of studies with lace tatting and red porcupine quills.     Photographic credit: Denis Larocque Detail

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