Landscape and nature

<b>Title : Sur les hauteurs</b> <br> 2007  <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 13 x 18 centimeters  <br><br> More and more figurative, this embroidery illustrates our landscape at a season when everything is green, textured, flourishing. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details <b>Title : Un air de printemps</b> <br> 2008 <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 13 x 18 centimeters  <br><br> Women and mountains are often linked in my mind. This is an example of the archetype Mother Earth in her fullest expression. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details <b>Title : La visite arrive à Baie Saint-Paul</b> <br> 2009  <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 13 x 18 centimeters  <br><br> Christmas is a time for family gathering, celebrating with friends and taking time off. Baie-Saint-Paul is a destination of choice to rejoice together. The large red birds symbolize the people we love and who will soon arrive. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details
<b>Title : Le ciel nerveux</b> <br> 2010  <br> Embroidery on Aïda cloth - 31 x 7 centimeters  <br><br> Everything is contributing to the creation of an elevation in the nervous sky. Without paying attention to perspective, I placed my village on top of another, in multi layers. The mountains are always recognizable, so are the same small houses, and the large sky inviting us to look higher and to lift up our soul. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> <b>Title : Une algue d’or</b> <br> 2012 <br> Embroidery on linen – 12 x 12 centimeters <br><br> Notice as the gold can have various tints: darker, paler, more brilliant, more matt, all the variations exist. I use them all to multiply the reflections. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Angle Angle Details <b>Title: La leçon d’anatomie</b> <br> 2012 <br> Embroidery on cloth - 32 x 30 centimeters <br><br> While preparing for an exhibition at the Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, one of the most beautiful gardens in Québec, I focused my interest on the study of plants, and transposed a botanical study into an anatomical study. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i>
Details Details Details <b>Title : Un exceptionnel automne</b> <br> 2012  <br> Embroidery on linen - 14 x 55 centimeters <br><br> I remember this exceptional autumn because I had plenty of time on my hands, many ideas in my mind and lots of beautiful gold thread to use. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Angle Detail
Details Details <b>Title : Le sanctuaire d’oiseaux </b> <br> 2012  <br> Embroidery on felt - 60 x 45 centimeters <br><br> I wanted to create a contrast between a white tree, covered with white leaves and a round flock of colored birds, happy group, all feathers out. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Details Details Details
Details <b>Title: Estuaire</b> <br> 2012 <br> Embroidery on felt - 25 x 70 centimeters  <br><br> Fish skin tanned and prepared to be used like fine leather. I have used some of them to set the mountains. Then I added pearls to illustrate the shinning water. This is the Saint-Laurent’s river, the estuary, when the river becomes large like the ocean.  <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i>  <b>Title : Le ruisseau</b> <br> 2012 <br> Embroidery on silk and linen - 15.5 x 19.5 centimeters  <br><br> Do you like collecting small pebbles at the edge of brooks? I deposited several at the edge of the brook: small pebbles of amber blond. They look like gold nuggets or sugar cubes. Hum … <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Details Details  <b>Title : Les mondes en marche</b> <br> 2011 <br> Embroidery on felt - 32.5 x 81 centimeters  <br><br> I would also have been able to call it the bench of smelts. Every fish is of hand-made paper and I had only to stress their brilliance, their shine and their speed with some threads and sequins. It is the number and the movement which create the beauty. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i>
<b>Title: Following a pygmy</b> <br> 2013 <br> Embroidery on linen – 45 x 45 centimeters <br> <br>  The beautiful handmade laces, so many of them our grandmothers’ home, are highlighted in my embroidery. <br> <br>  <i>Photographic credit: Denis Larocque</i> Details Details Details <b>Title : The red fox</b>  <br>2014 <br> Embroidery on damask fabric - 25 x 48 centimeters <br><br> A fox, color similar to my cat, isolated in the center of a rich fabric with elegant and old patterns, one fox, however, occupies the entire space. Let’s give him space.  Details

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