My father's birdhouses

<b>Title: Plein soleil au sud</b> <br> 2008 <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 13 x 18 centimeters  <br><br> A landscape of Charlevoix coloured like a flower bouquet and full of sun. The little houses are a reference to my father who used to build lovely and colorful birdhouses. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details <b>Title: Joyce</b> <br> 2009 <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 13 x 18 centimeters  <br><br> The variations on the theme of the little houses in the landscape of Charlevoix can change infinitely. What is important is never to forget the sun, the bright colors and happiness. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> 52 A <b>Title : Échelles et serpents</b> <br> 2009 <br> Embroidery on felt - 22 x 28 centimeters  <br><br>  This work was made on felt which is part of the history of the Charlevoix region. It was first used at the paper mill in Clermont, then at the handmade paper mill in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive. I was just learning with a First Nation lady how to use porcupine quills and Indian beading. All the snakes are made with porcupine quills and beading is used for the ladders. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details
Details <b>Title : Cap aux oiseaux</b> <br> 2010 <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas - 18 x 24 centimeters <br><br>   The sun and full moon cycles are all represented, a seamless moment of time and space. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details <b>Title : Plus haut, plus loin</b> <br> 2011 <br> Embroidery on Aïda cloth - 32 x 27 centimeters  <br><br>  I associate the shape of the snake with that of the roots of a plant: winding, and quietly making their way. Snakes are never a threatening figure in my mind. The title suggests that we are reaching higher towards the house, towards ourselves, farther towards new territories, towards others. <br><br>  <i>Loto-Québec public collection</i> <br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details <b>Title: Le village global</b> <br> 2011 <br> Embroidery on Aïda cloth - 29.5 x 36 centimeters  <br><br>  I have done that piece like a variation of the theme of my village. My first goal was to test a new fiber that I had just bought: beautiful cotton from South Africa. I wanted to discover all its different colors.  The roots of the houses look like snakes and all the houses at the end are united, forming a circle: a global village.  <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i>
Details <b>Title : La maison bonsaï</b> <br> 2011 <br> Embroidery on Aïda cloth - 20.5 x 8 centimeters <br><br>  We tend towards a little house, perched high. It is made of one color and many tones and variations of that color. I cut it in a precise form. When my neighbor saw that little house, she spontaneously said: “Oh! It’s a bonsaï house.” <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Details Details <b>Titre : Les maisons sur la côte</b> <br> 2008 <br> Embroidery on Penelope canvas – 13 x 18 centimeters <br><br> Beads stitched in spirals are memory beads. In the old days, they were used in the making of funeral wreaths which were placed on graves as tributes to loved ones. They withstood inclement weather and the test of time. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Yves Tessier</i> Details

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