A dialogue with the spirits

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15 15 A 28 28 A <b>Title : Silk and other means</b> <br>2014<br>Embroidery on fabric - 61 x 30 centimeters <br><br> This beautiful sample of pleated fabric that unfolds like a ladder, I climb pearly buttons, tiny beads and glass cabochons, handmade, one by one. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i>
Details Details <b>Title : Butterfly to the moon</>  <br>2014<br>Embroidery on damask fabric - 51 x 27 centimeters <br><br> Wanted as realistic as possible, the butterfly to the moon reminds me of my children’s childhood. They knew by heart all Quebec butterflies; the Luna moth was their favorite even if they never managed to capture one. <br><br> <i>Photographic credit : Denis Larocque</i> Details Details

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